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This year I am experimenting with setting online video homeworks with one of my classes. I find this a very interesting and exciting format for the following reasons:

  • In a video homework you can do some model examples and explain the topic in addition to setting practice questions. You can set a homework where the kids progress their learning of a new topic rather than just consolidating one you have covered in class.
  • The pupils have a ‘teacher at home’ whilst they are doing their homework and if they get stuck they can just rewind the video and watch again.
  • By encouraging self assessment at the end of the video homeworks you are promoting independent learning and thinking skills.
  • It engages the pupils. Kids are at home infront of a computer and are used to spending hours on YouTube.

You are more than welcome to use any of my video homeworks. They are located on the “Videos” page which is accessible from the tab at the top of the website or by clicking here. There are not many uploaded yet but I’m adding more each time I get a moment so check back regularly for updates.

An example of one of my video homeworks on expanding brackets is shown below:

Feedback from the pupils so far has been very positive. For some reason I expected a raft of technical issues to be used as excuses for no hand-in of homeworks but there were none! All homeworks were in on time! The kids have asked for more video homeworks. It will be really interesting to keep this experiment running this year and to see if the excellent learning continues after the initial novelty wears off.

*Note: when setting the video homeworks insist that you will not accept the homework if it doesn’t have workings. That way any sneaky pupils who think they can just wind forward to the self-assessment part of the video and write down the answers will be found out. I thought for quite some time about whether to put the answers in the videos with a self-assessment section but decided the benefits to the majority are considerable which guided my decision to include them.

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3 Responses

  1. eric block says:

    liked your video and have been thinking about doing my own. What software were you using for recording and what were you using for your slides that you were writing on? Would appreciate your input. Thanks and keep up the good work. Really like the site and enjoyed your book.

    • Hi Eric, great to hear from you! I used ‘Jing’ to record the videos and ‘Interwrite’ as the virtual whiteboard software. There are many good options like this out there now. If you have an iPad, ‘Educreations’ is particularly good and now my favourite. Hope that helps! Take care!


  2. Kate dale says:

    Amazing videos, the only thing I would do differently is not give the answers at the end.
    I would love to make one for myself, could you give me some tips on recording myself and the whiteboard.


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