A kinaesthetic approach to teaching loci

This fantastic teaching idea came from Katie K:

Found a really good way of teaching Loci for Kinesthetic learners!

Give all students in the class a post-it note with blue tack on the
back. Then draw a dot on the whiteboard and get them all to stick their
post-its 10 cm away from the dot but not touching each other then sit
down- What shape have we made? (A CIRCLE!!)
I did this activity with all the loci bits- finite line (2 parallel
lines with semi circles), 2 touching lines (angle bisector), an
infinite line (2 parallel lines) etc.

I found that it worked much better than the goat tethered in a field!

Thanks very much Katie!


Building on Katie’s idea, Jane F recommends:

If the weather permits, this one is good out of doors. One person stands in the middle, everyone else has to stand one metre from them etc.

Thanks Jane!

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2 Responses

  1. Amanda says:

    I use the image of my own dog on a lead which is usually effective once the awes are over!! But I’m loving the use of the post it note idea – how do we not think of these ideas ourselves!! Thanks

  2. msesay says:

    I do this at Christmas time and give all the students a Christmas bauble to place on the floor.

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