Getting across what an nth term rule is

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  1. Ceejaypee says:

    Excellent! Getting the students used to the phrase “nth term” is what I always find difficult.

    I tried a different approach the other day as a reminder with my year 8 class, after using sequences to solve a number puzzle.

    I asked them to name some numbers that, when divided by 4, gave a remainder of 3. So the students came up with 19, 27, 35, etc etc. When I rearranged the numbers into order, the students noticed that …wow! the sequence goes up in 4’s, but is one less or three more than multiples of four…..

    Agreed about the lesson plan! As a student some of my best lessons were the less rigidly planned lessons. I recently taught average from a frequency table using shoe sizes and the students could see how I was finding the median. I then stood them up at the front in a human bar chart by shoe size and then all became clear!

  2. Daina ward says:

    I am a year 7 and I have got abit stuck on my homework can any of you help me plz

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