2 great ways to start a data handling topic

We’ve all been there. Beginning a data handling topic, trying to motivate the pupils with the importance and power of data. I’ve tried quite a few things over the last year with varying degrees of success. Here are my current top two:

Facebook Facts

Infographics like the one below are a great way to engage pupils, particularly if they are about a topic they are interested in. This Facebook Facts infographic, produced by the excellent Mashable website, gives plenty of thought provoking stats, presented using a variety of graphs and charts. Using this infographic in a lesson about interpreting data is engaging and shows the pupils why data is useful.

Click on image for the full size infographic. Then click on the image to zoom in. Right click to save it.

Did you know?

There is a long-running series of videos on Youtube that show an insightful collection of statistics about how the world is changing, in particular as a result of technology. They make for a fantastic discussion about the power of data and statistics as well as a great hook into the topic.

I personally think that watching the series as a whole is incredibly eye-opening as it shows how quickly the world is changing. Did you know 3.0 and 4.0 are my favourites. Enjoy!

Did you know 1.0 (August 2006)


Did you know 2.0 (June 2007)


Did you know 3.0 (October 2008)


Did you know 4.0 (September 2009)


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