Symmetry the fun way: B-boy dancing!

Got to do a lesson about line symmetry and looking for inspiration? Check out this Youtube video of Korean B-boy dancers doing a ‘mirror dance’:

You could use this as inspiration for the pupils and then get them creating their own symmetrical dance routines. This is plane symmetry rather than line symmetry but the concept should be transferable. You could even get the audience to state where the planes of symmetry are in the dance routines they are watching and also encourage the dancers to change where the plane of symmetry is during their routines. The possibilities are endless!

A great teaching strategy, particularly for the kinaesthetic learners.

A big thanks to Vicky for this great idea.

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3 Responses

  1. Synchronsied swimming for rotational symmetry too maybe? Thanks.

  2. Bruno Reddy says:

    A clever idea for engaging the ones who like to get out of their seat. And the more complex moves will really test their understanding of line symmetry.

    I wonder if a support task would be to have two of those console dance mats facing each other and getting pairs of pupils to ‘dance’ mirror-stylee.

    For the auditory learners, there’s always this idea from Dave at ReflectiveMathsTeacher:

    Thanks for sharing Will (and Vicky).

  1. 23/06/2010

    […] by myownmathstutor Leave a Comment Further to our post “Symmetry the fun way: B-boy dancing“, Mr Williams suggested a great idea of using synchronised swimming as inspiration for a […]

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