Symmetry the fun way: B-boy dancing!

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3 Responses

  1. Synchronsied swimming for rotational symmetry too maybe? Thanks.

  2. Bruno Reddy says:

    A clever idea for engaging the ones who like to get out of their seat. And the more complex moves will really test their understanding of line symmetry.

    I wonder if a support task would be to have two of those console dance mats facing each other and getting pairs of pupils to ‘dance’ mirror-stylee.

    For the auditory learners, there’s always this idea from Dave at ReflectiveMathsTeacher:

    Thanks for sharing Will (and Vicky).

  1. 23/06/2010

    […] by myownmathstutor Leave a Comment Further to our post “Symmetry the fun way: B-boy dancing“, Mr Williams suggested a great idea of using synchronised swimming as inspiration for a […]