Height vs arm length- are they related?

Here’s a great little investigation into whether a person’s height and arm length are related. The pupils get a copy of this worksheet and have to use a metre stick to measure the height and arm length of ten of their class colleagues to the nearest cm. After recording their results in a table they draw a scatter graph and answer the questions at the bottom of the worksheet to think about whether there is a correlation. They could be encouraged to share their findings and justification with the class in a discussion in the plenary.

You’ll need metre rulers or tape measures and graph paper for this lesson in addition to the worksheets. Enjoy!

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  1. Steve Croft says:

    Must be a good idea as I have used this myself! Often useful in the first few weeks of term for year 7 ‘getting to know you time. I went on to extend it by using one of the variables above and number of siblings, this can often bring out some interesting discussion points, although these days perhaps it should be friends on Facebook.

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